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final front cover

Cover: Original Art, “Out of the Ordinary” by John Fehringer © 2012 /

“Your Grace, will you please lift up the left wing,” Capt. Ken McCuaig (my father) said to the Duchess of Westminster who was at the controls of her family’s plane, a Grumman Goose. Dad was a Canadian who, during the winter of 1964-65, was the first personal pilot for England’s 4th Duke of Westminster. Using my father’s letters and diaries, I have woven an intriguing story that brings to life the historic Goose and one reclusive branch of the British aristocracy.

2 thoughts on “Print Book

  1. This is the beautiful front cover of my book – the result of over 4 years of writing and publishing. From the letters to the book in hand it has been quite a journey.

    To buy this book: Amazon and some Vancouver area book stores. Contact for more details.

  2. A letter arrived recently from Buckingham Palace: a senior staff person from The Office of Their Royal Highnesses The Duke (i.e. Prince William) and Duchess of Cambridge thanked me for the copy of the book I had sent to Prince George (the Royal Prince, not the city in northern BC).

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